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Shanghai Ocean Aquarium

Updated: 2012-09-26

The Shanghai Ocean Aquarium is located in Lujiazui, the commercial district of Pudong, and is adjacent to the famous Oriental Pearl Tower. The Shanghai Ocean Aquarium is a unique world-class must-see leisure destination in Shanghai. It is currently one of the largest aquariums in Asia with the world's longest underwater viewing tunnel spanning 155 meters.

Shanghai Ocean Aquarium

The aquarium is built with an investment of $50 million and spans over five levels with nine major exhibition zones and over 36 thematic areas. Here visitors are able to experience the wonders and beauties of the underwater world and the uniqueness and charm of each different continent. Upon entering the aquarium visitors will find themselves immersed in an amazing aquatic world home to more than 15,000 fishes from over 360 species. Besides being able to see some of the rare and endangered aquatic animals from China, visitors can also be see different species from other oceans and continents, such as sawfish, leafy and weedy sea dragons, sand tiger sharks, electric eels, seals, penguins and many more.

Opening Hours: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm (enter before 5:30 pm)

               9:00 am - 9:00 pm (during summer holidays and Golden Week holidays; enter before 8:30 pm)