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Shanghai Yanghe Enterprise Management Consultation Company

Updated: 2014-12-25

Shanghai Yanghe Enterprise Management Consultation Company is a cooperative product-promotion partner for specific financial institutions in Shanghai. The administrative staff and business personnel have extensive experience in finance operation. The company adheres to the principle of specialization and integrity. It aims to provide superior financing plans and consultation services for private enterprises.

The company offers mortgage-free trade financing services. The services have the following characteristics:

1) Help solve financing issues for private enterprises

2) Increase funding to private enterprises to deal with guarantee issues

3) Provide long-term validation of credit for well-managed enterprises, ensuring the stability of disposable funds

Target clients:

1) Manufacturing private enterprises or private holding enterprises, including large private trade enterprises

2) Enterprises with more than 3 years of stable operations

3) Enterprises with objective shortage of funds for purchasing and marketing

4) Enterprises located in Shanghai and the Yangtze River Delta area

Service items:

1) Selecting appropriate clients

2) Drawing up financing plans

3) Recommending proper financial institutions

4) Assisting enterprises in completing credit application materials

5) Promoting smooth communication between banks and enterprises during the application period

6) Tracking the verification of credit approvals

7) Obtaining credit approvals

Other financial products:

1) Micro-credit loans below 500,000 yuan

2) Home property mortgage loans for small and medium-sized enterprises

3) Mercantile paper discounting for established enterprises

4) Real estate development with loans based on four certificates (State-owned land use certificate, land use permit, planning permit of construction engineering, and construction permits of construction engineering)

5) Medium- and long-term mortgage loans for operational property