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Huatong (Shanghai) Investment Corporation

Updated: 2014-12-25

Huatong (Shanghai) Investment Corporation, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ashmore Energy International (AEI), has more than 30 subsidiaries in investment, operation and management of basic facilities for pipe gas supply and gas transportation in China’s urban areas. The business scope covers main pipelines, customer pipelines, gas disposal stations and other affiliated facilities. The company believes in achieving growth and profits with responsibility, efficiency and product quality.

Huatong (Shanghai) Investment Corporation was formed through the merger of two subsidiaries under AEI, Beijing Macrolink Gas (BMG) and Tongda Energy Private Ltd. Huatong owns 27 gas distribution companies and three gas transportation companies, with approximately 1,500 employees across 10 provinces, including Jiangxi, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Qinghai, Hunan, Liaoning and Jilin.

AEI owns and operates interests in power generation assets in the world's 10 emerging markets, including Asia, Central America and the Caribbean, and South America. AEI provides the energy for development through exclusive focus on emerging markets and unwavering commitment to world-class standards of operational, environmental, health and safety, and financial performance.

It combines extensive local operating expertise to foster partnerships and develop opportunities together with financial discipline to weather risk and support growth. AEI is in the process of divesting substantially all of its regulated businesses, representing 80 percent of its total assets. The company continues to manage its core power generation assets and certain natural gas transportation and distribution assets. It has 1,711 MW of electric power generation capacity, with an additional 886 MW under development.

Address: Room A572, No. 302, Xiangde Road, Shanghai

Tel: 86-21-28891357